or a dista■nt town. My wife in Atlantic Cit■y, seeing that I sent her no money, return●ed home. Upon learning what had happened, she■ promptly

n and dese

sold the furniture, wh■ich had cost $800, for almost nothing and wen●t to New York. My friends notified me of al●l that had occurred in my ab■se

rt ■her,

nce, whereupon I came back. I adverti■sed in the papers and found ●my wife. My first question was about the ●children and she replied she did no

so that sh

t know wh●ere they were. Upon further questioning ■she answered that she had brought the children w●ith her from Philadelphia but as she could ●

e would me

do nothing with them in her way she simply l■eft them in the street. After great efforts mad■e through my lawyer, I succeeded ■in obtaining the

nd h●er w

release of my childr■en from the Gerry Society, after paying ■for their two months’ keep there.... Sinc●e this unhappy occurrence, my wife ha●

ays in the


s many times wrecked our home,■ selling the household goods whil●e I was 77at work and leaving me alone with ■the children. Whenever she feels li


ke sati●sfying her cravings, or wheneve●r she cannot afford to buy herself enough pr■etty clothes and hats, she deserts me. One ●time she was go


ne 9 months and never saw the ●children during this period.●... I tried to make up with her every time an●d give her another chance. But her cor

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dia■lity lasted only until she again took a crav●ing for some rag, when she woul■d again leave home. She was even mean enough o■nce to leave me with a five months’ old baby wh●o needed nursing and the only way out se■emed to be t

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he river for me and● the baby.... I assure you that everything● I have written is the truth. If you do not b●elieve me, you may convince yourse■lf at the Desertion Bureau where my cas●e has been recorded several times.[41] 40. ..

by■ them
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